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About us

VEFI aims to foster environmentally friendly, sustainable living while meeting with people who think alike. Making personal connections that cross mountain chains or extensive seas just as well as borders and language barriers. In our projects you can live your sustainable dream: travel through Europe, meet new people who are also passionate about the environment and work with locals for their small businesses.

And even if you can’t spare the time to travel at the moment, we have just the right thing for you and your commitment to sustainability. Listen to our podcast or check out our blog and hear of very relatable struggles, lows and highs of environmentally living and all the good vegan recipes we share! Too passive? Then actively take part in making VEFI even better!

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Meet the Board

We are a team of four enthusiastic individuals from all over Europe, brought together by a shared vision and motivation – to strive for a sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle. Coming from multiple different countries and backgrounds, we founded VEFI in order to create a European platform for dialogue, information, and travel – and more so – with a specific focus on environmental values and veganism. By facilitating exchange between Europeans who are passionate about the environment and sustainable ways of living, we follow two of our dearest passions: European interaction and sustainability.

Our team, and therefore also VEFI as an association, highly benefits from the diverse backgrounds of each member of the board. Due to this, we can use a plurality of languages in our communication or rely upon countless skills gained in different areas of work by the members. Whether this might be project management or experience in the coordination of youth exchanges, skills in translation or film and audio production – within our team all of this know-how is united in order to build a project unlike any you have seen before. VEFI’s focus on environmental friendly and vegan ideals in combination with the aspect of bringing Europeans together offers unique opportunities for all participants, as well as for a sustainable development and future.

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