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Sustainable Christmas (4 wks)


15/11/23, 10:00


Villa Elba, Kokkola, Finland


open for everyone

Spend 4 weeks as a volunteer in Kokkola whilst learning about environmental friendliness and taking concrete climate actions.

Sustainable Christmas (4 wks)

VEFI's first major international volunteer project is coming up. Join us for four weeks in November and December: 15.11.2023 – 15.12.2023

Finnish applicants can sign up here!

We invite you to spend 4 weeks in the beautiful city of Kokkola, together with 11 other volunteers from across Europe. As a volunteer you will learn about sustainability and environmental issues, all in the context of christmas 🎄. Do you want to get to know more about how to celebrate the joyous, dark nights of winter, while at the same time you're reducing waste, making home-made christmas presents and saving precious energy?

Your work will culminate in a self-organised Christmas gathering. Together with you and the other volunteers people from around Kokkola will join in and pre-celebrate Christmas in an environmentally friendly way. Additionally, the project will take place under the instruction and guidance of 1 expert and 3 social workers. So no matter what you are insecure about – we got you! The social workers will support you in daily matters and beyond. And the expert will introduce you to their field of passion and hopefully pass on this passion to you. Sounds interesting? Join in!

What, in detail, is awaiting you? The project covers the following topics on a theoretical and particularly practical level:

  • Environmental friendly (vegan) food

  • Waste reduction + self made presents

  • Energy consumption and alternative ways of energy production

You will be able to learn and teach yourself and the other volunteers about each topic with the proficient help of the expert. Then, you can take matters into your own literal hands and start cooking and crafting, all the whilst you are forming unique connections with the people you are working with! So, you will broaden your knowledge on how to save this planet, while still enjoying life (and christmas!). You will also be able to come home for Christmas with delicious meal propositions for the whole family, unique Christmas gift ideas and an unique experience of the first month of Finnish winter.

The project is financed by the EU, so project, travel, accommodation and food costs are covered. As a volunteer you also receive pocket money and get a chance to travel around Finland on your free days. Given that this is an environmentally friendly project, all travelling to/from Finland for the purposes of this project is going to happen by train, bus or boat. The planning of the journey is done by us and our partners, so you simply have to follow the set travel plan and you are good to go! What are you waiting for?

We are happy to announce that this volunteering team project has been made possible by a collaboration of CUBIC and The Vegan Environmentally Focused International Group ry

Requirements for applicants:

  • Residency in Finland

  • aged 18-29

  • available for the full period of the project

  • Command of English is an advantage but not obligatory!

Please note that there is space for ONLY TWO PARTICIPANTS FROM FINLAND

So, you better be fast!

Finnish applicants can sign up here!

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