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Stop Talking – Start Acting

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Everything you need to know about preventing pollution and reducing your negative impact on the climate. How to save the environment in 5 easy steps!

As you landed in this small but fine corner of the internet you probably care about the environment and the climate just as much as we do. This also happened to our colleagues from Consumer Notice. After they stumbled upon our webpage they kindly reached out to us. They work in informing and helping every day people like you and me to find a path through the jungle of the one question: How can I save the world? – or, well, at least contribute to less destruction.

So, we colllabed and Consumer Notice proposed these five tips for your environmental friendly daily life.

Tip #1 - Drive Smart and Choose Efficient Vehicles:

Opt for a more fuel-efficient vehicle that produces fewer emissions. If you use a car maintain it regularly, drive efficiently by avoiding aggressive habits, and consider carpooling or using public transport when possible.

Trains are a great alternative, especially when travelling long distance. Want to know why? Read our blog post on train travel!

Tip #2 - Use Environmentally-Friendly Household Products:

Within our households we can still improve so many daily tasks to reduce our pollution. For our US-American readers, look for products labeled "Low VOC" and "Safer Choice" by the EPA. European equivalent labels would be the EU Ecolabel, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel or other often national Eco labels, such as the German Blue Angel.

"The Nordic Swan Ecolabel was created 30 years ago. The purpose was to make it easier for consumers to find the best choices for the environment and for companies to produce them." – The Report, by Ecolabelling Sweden 2018

Tip #3 - Embrace Energy Efficiency:

Did you know, there is an ecolabel, the EU adopted from the US? It is Energy Star, and, well, it got to be good! Use Energy Star certified products to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from your household. Also, be mindful of your energy consumption by turning off lights and appliances when not in use. When you buy a new device, as for example a refrigerator, watch out for the EU Energy Efficiency Label. The ones with the many yellow and red and many more green stripes? Yes, that one!

Tip #4 - Garden it up:

If you have and work on your lawn, adopt greener lawn care practices. Switch to electric lawn mowers or use gas cans with automatic sealing to reduce air pollution from lawn and garden equipment. Avoid overusing fertilizers to prevent water pollution from excessive nutrients. And most importantly, test your green thumb and plant some tomatoes. Or rather some herbs? Do it like Simon & Garfunkel at Scarborough Fair: Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.

Tip #5 - Reduce Waste and Recycle

Of course the best against pollution is no waste at all. Compost organic waste like food scraps and grass clippings to divert waste from landfills and create natural fertilizer. Recycle paper, glass, and cans, and choose products made from recycled materials. Opt for reusable products instead of disposables and you will be suprised. Suddenly you will not have to put the garbage out so often!

The Climate is Changing – Why aren't We?

Look at you! Are you not amazed by how easy this is? By following these simple tips, you can make a significant impact in reducing air, water, and land pollution right from your own home. Taking responsibility for our consumer choices can contribute to a healthier environment and a better future for our planet. What are we waiting for – let's change the world! (and maybe save it while we're at it!)

Thank you to Consumer Notice for the collaboration!

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