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Smells like Green Spirit – Project Reflection

How the Project "Smells like Green Spirit" went: Uniting Young Europeans through Veganism, Sustainability, and Adventure

Join us as we reminisce on the remarkable activities VEFI, in close cooperation with Villa Elba organised in May 2023. The project “Smells like Green Spirit” which was mainly held by Villa Elba brought together young Europeans who came all the way from the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, Ukraine, Austria and Hungary to explore the pillars of veganism, sustainability, and international connections.

VEFI organised and facilitated two of the project days: Through workshops, research, outdoor cooking, and a meaningful canoeing trip, we created lasting memories and made a positive impact. Let's dive into the highlights of this unforgettable journey!

The Perfect Project™ Workshop

During the workshop, the participants developed creative ideas to introduce our organisation's principles to young people across Europe. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and innovation as they brainstormed and shared their very own Perfect Projects™.

Enhancing Our Debating Skills

We challenged participants to research and discuss the pros and cons of veganism and sustainability, honing their debating skills. Engaging in passionate discussions, they learned from each other and became more confident advocates for the cause.

Outdoor Cooking Adventure

We embarked on an outdoor cooking session, where we prepared a vegan meal over an open fire. While the pancakes for dessert didn't turn out as expected, the Chilli sin Carne was a delightful and fully vegan success.

As you can see, we savoured the flavours and enjoyed the bonding experience over a delicious vegan feast.

Canoeing for a Cleaner Environment

The highlight of our adventure was a canoeing session on Sunti, a river that runs through the Finnish city Kokkola. With laughter and excitement, we paddled towards the central town of Kokkola. In a commitment to environmental responsibility, we embarked on the mission to collect and recycle waste that had been improperly discarded into the river. Together, we worked as a team to countermand environmental pollution.

Join us for the Next Adventure!

“Smells like Green Spirit” was a memorable experience, uniting young Europeans through the exploration of veganism, sustainability, and adventure. From the inspiring workshop to the engaging debates, outdoor cooking and impactful canoeing, we created lasting memories and fostered a sense of environmental consciousness. Stay tuned for more projects from VEFI as we continue to inspire and empower young individuals across Europe!

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