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Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Bake Vegan Swedish Kardemummabullar with us to celebrate the beginning of a great international, vegan, environmental friendly story!

Ready for kick-off? We are FOR SURE! It’s a new year and we, in the VEFI Board, have planned some amazing events and happenings to take place in 2023. Let’s take off together and celebrate the official beginning of our association. And no celebration is complete without some scrumptious food to feast on, amirite?

Therefore, VEFI begins with the invitation to you, dear Reader, to bake and feast together with us. The Swedish Kardemummabullar we will be making are simply marvellous. Or as it would be said in Sweden: De är ljuvligt fina!

As VEFI is all about vegan, environmentally friendly, international exchange, this recipe for cardamom buns is fully vegan and great to prepare with a group of friends from all over the world.

So, for real now… Ready for kick-off? Well, then, let’s go!


Swedish Kardemummabullar


For the dough

  • 5dl milk alternative

  • 50gr (fresh) yeast

  • 1 tsp salt

  • cardamom seeds (15gr freshly grounded)

  • 14 dl flour

  • 150gr margarine

For the filling

  • cardamom seeds (15gr freshly grounded)

  • 1,5dl icing sugar

  • 150gr margarine

Preparation of dough and filling

  1. Heat the milk up to 37ºC, so that it is neither warm nor cold when you put your finger in. If you’re unsure, rather keep it cool (kids!). Crumble the yeast into the warm milk and mix until it has dissolved.

  2. Combine the sugar, the cardamom seeds, the salt and most of the flour with the milk and knead until the dough does not stick to the bowl any longer. (If you happen to have a kitchen machine, you can let it knead for ten minutes, by hand it will probably take around twenty minutes.)

  3. Cover the bowl with a plate or kitchen towel. While it rises (for 30 minutes) assemble the ingredients for the filling. If you have some time to spare, start cleaning up the kitchen. It’s not only saving time, but also saving nerves!

  4. Are the 30 minutes over yet? Now comes the most complicated part: the forming of the buns. You can choose between two options here, the simple one, or the complicated but beautiful one.

Forming the dough

  1. No matter which option you choose, at first, you will have to roll out the dough until it is approximately one centimetre thick. You might need to partition the dough into several pieces if you do not have enough space to roll out the whole dough at once. Then spread the filling (generously) on the flattened dough.

  2. For the more complicated version: Cut lines into the dough so that you have strings of circa two centimetres breadth. For each bun, braid three strings together, then twirl the braids to round pyramids on the baking tray. This way the buns will be HUGE! Yes, that’s what I said.

  3. For the simpler version: Curl the flattened dough to a roll. Then cut circles off the role and lay these circles cut-side down on a high baking tray. You will have a whole little assemblage of pull-away-buns when they are done (it’s perfect party food!).

  4. For both versions: Give each bun some space, they will need it when they grow older … sorry, I meant to say bigger. The oven should be heated to 180ºC and the buns should stay in there until they look golden brown. So, around 30 or 40 minutes (depends on your oven!). Work with the flow here. You got this!

Feast the Beast(s)

  1. Now comes the undoubtedly most important part: the eating. Serve them as you wish, fresh and warm out of the oven, with some tea or coffee or as a midnight snack after a night out. Bring some for your colleagues at work and some others for your friends next time you see them.

  2. If you did not know how big and how many buns there will be: Worry not! You can easily freeze them and just throw them into the oven, when you need them again. (Circa 100ºC and around ten minutes. Or if you freeze the still doughy buns, give them the full oven treatment!)

  3. So, take your beverage of choice and a Kardemummabulle and let’s have a toast: May the story of VEFI begin!

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Jan 01, 2023

A happy new year to all!

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