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The Vegan Environmentally Focused International Group ry


About Us

VEFI organises projects where you can live your sustainable dream! Together we aim to foster environmentally friendly, sustainable living while meeting with people who think alike. Spend a week or a month abroad and make personal connections that cross mountain chains or extensive seas just as well as borders and language barriers. In a group of young people from all around Europe you will spend the time volunteering for a local business. Learn more about how to live consciously and get to know in Europe you haven’t known before. Sometimes saving the planet feels frighteningly far away, sometimes it’s just to step on a train. It’s not magic – It’s VEFI!

Our three pillars

VEFI is built upon the conviction that man-made Climate Change exists and that every individual person can take part in mitigating its effects, as well as adapting to a world in which Climate Change plays a decisive role. Even more so, VEFI aims to actively work towards a more sustainable living in the now as well as the future, as well as, promoting this notion to its members and others.

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International Exchange

Global problems will only ever be solved with global solutions. In the projects of VEFI this becomes the truth when we meet people from all over Europe.

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How can we manage our daily lives in a sustainable manner? We in our team at VEFI ask ourselves this question daily and want to share our experience and successes and learn from yours.

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Vegan diet

In the projects we will eat mainly vegan meals. Exchanging recipes, ideas and motivation is a main part of the projects VEFI organises.

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